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The Vance Joseph era keeps ushering in new records...and not the good kind.And now it turns out that just about every fan’s least favorite 4th down call by Joseph on Saturday night was actually epically bad.Bad enough to be called the “largest error on record” by edj sports. It must be noted that “on record” only dates back to 2011 John Elway Jersey , so if like me, you’re thinking “that cannot be the worst one EVER” then you’d be right.But it’s also noteworthy that Joseph’s play call “for points” on 4th-and-1 from Cleveland’s 6-yard line statistically had a 33 percent chance of helping the Broncos win the game, compared to 49 percent if they went for a touchdown.From edj sports:Furthermore, edj sports noted that since the offense only needed one yard for first-and-goal, that would have allowed the team to run more clock with more chances to get the go-ahead touchdown. Of course this kind of epically bad decision got the attention of Deadspin, which had a more abrupt “take” - and a lot funnier:Ancient-ass thinking.Especially when there is definitely no guarantee your quarterback can engineer a game-winning drive (which it didn’t) if the defense were to get the ball back (which it did).Also dumbass thinking when the GM you are coaching for is John Freaking Elway - the QB who twice led his Broncos’ team in miraculous, gutsy https://www.broncosfanstore.com/Tom-Jackson-Jersey , comeback wins over this same Browns franchise 30 years ago. First and 10 at 10 on Orange and Blue 760 is always a fun listen. Today was no exception. Ryan Edwards and Andrew Mason had some fun with Steve Atwater. His movie, Deadtone aka 75, they asked Matt Boyer some 75 related stats that could lead to the Broncos winning.The stats that the guys went with were; Melvin Gordon rushing for less than 75 yards, Case Keenum with a passer rating of more than 75, Emmanuel Sanders with more than 75 yards receiving and a touchdown, or less than 75 yards in penalties. All of those stats look like they could be important in the Denver Broncos coming away with a win, but Boyer was torn between two in particular.Holding Melvin Gordon under 75 rushing yards could be the hardest task on that list Karl Mecklenburg Color Rush Jersey , and fewer than 75 penalty yards would be a clean game for Denver. Boyer said it had to be between those two stats. In the end, Gordon’s impact on the Chargers offense is too important to ignore.Boyer makes a great point about teams that lose close games. Players usually end up talking about how they beat themselves, and penalties are a huge part of that. Andrew Mason pointed out that the Broncos are 1-5 in the last two years when they have more than 75 penalty yards. The recipe for success seems pretty obvious at that point. Play a clean game, and stop Melvin Gordon.

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